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K Strohl (They/She/He) is an engaging keynote speaker who educates on workplace boundaries, psychological safety, intersectionality, mental health and their impact on career development.  Through research, case studies, and personal anecdotes, K creates a safe space for participants to examine how they experience and engage with the world. In addition, through their podcast, Absolutely Not!, K delves into the nuanced challenges their guests face in establishing and maintaining boundaries in their personal and professional relationships. 

K's most notable keynotes include:

  • Absolutely Not!: Setting Personal Boundaries at Work

  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • Make Space for the AND!: Identities and Intersectionality

  • Big Body Benz: Fatphobia and Sizeism

  • Queerness, Fluidity and Spectrums

  • The Root: Anti-Blackness and Misogynoir

*Please note these rates are for virtual events only.
If you'd like K to speak in-person, please
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Previous Engagements
March 2023: The Fundamental Essence of Psychological Safety w/ Mathison
February 2023: Mathison's 30 Black DEI Consultants & Professionals You Should Know About
October 2022: Mural Workshop on Psychological Safety in the Workplace
August 2022: Real Talk with Dumas (He/Him) My Safety Is My #1 Priority
August 2022: UCAR Keynote on Psychological Safety in the Workplace
July 2022: Blackness and the Workplace w/ Jessica Pharm (She/Her)
July 2022: Sharon Hurley Hall's (She/Her) Anti-Racism Newsletter: Building Our Own Table
July 2022: L
inkedIn's Pride 365 Collection
June 2022: SARN Top Voices 2022
June 2022: Pride and Jubilation/Juneteenth: Exploring Black Queer Time, Space and Spirit 

June 2022: Dan Talks with Dan Van Note (He/Him) on Setting Boundaries
June 2022: Kayak Pride Month Keynote on P
sychological Safety in the Workplace
June 2022: Pitch's Inclusion at Work Collection on Identities and Intersectionality
May 2022: Text Now Mental Health Month Keynote on Setting Personal Boundaries at Work
April 2022: Twice as Hard w/ Janelle Benjamin (She/Her): The Myth of the Superhuman Black Woman
February 2022: Plume BIPOC Affinity Group Fireside Chat on Mental Health in the Workplace
February 2022: Plume Black History Month Keynote on Psychological Safety in the Workplace
February 2022: CASEL Collective Growth Speaker Series: Identities and Intersectionality
February 2022: One Mind Brain Waves: Healing

February 2022: Moving Beyond Partial Response for Major Depressive Disorder Summit
December 2021: EIJ Summit Panel on Mental Health, Substance Use and the Impacts on Minority Veterans
November 2021: Why Are We Not Talking About Celebrating Our Identities,Mental Health and Bounda

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